Introduction to REST API in 5 Minutes!

Today, we can connect different applications on different devices which are possible using APIs. API stands for Application Programming Interface and web developers use it to connect different applications irrespective of their platforms to share information. API takes request from different applications, processes the request and gives back the response to the application. Using APIs one can do the following. Build an API to connect with your application from third party applications.   2. Use […]

The Simplest Guide On ‘Routing In Laravel’ For Back End Developers

Making a web application more interactive, easy to use & readable are the basic objectives of any web developer before beginning with the web development. For back-end developers, routing in laravel is one of the coolest features that makes the website more readable. With this, you would be able to see top down view of your application & the routes file is like staring down at a roadmap from the clouds. Let’s explore this routing […]

Multiple database connections in Yii 2.0

The world is changing with the emerging digital trends right from ordering food online, banking, online shopping to online education, events & much more. All these activities are being possible only due to technology experts who have developed the websites, mobile apps which can carry the load of huge data & functionalities. While creating such kinds of complex web applications, back end developers often need to deal with multiple databases at the same time.Sometimes it becomes […]

Introduction to yii localization with I18n

Internationalization (I18N) is the process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without doing engineering changes. My objective for writing this article is to help back end developers to make the transitions in much easier & smoother manner. The need of Internationalization For the web applications, the potential users may be worldwide. So this is very important for web applications. While building web application developer should […]

A Quick support to compose Web services in PHP Development

Where there is technology, there comes the dynamism. Every day we can see new websites or mobile apps that use Web Services. Web services in PHP Development Services are used to process the request coming from mobile API and send the response in JSON format back to the mobile API. Types of web services: There are commonly two types of web services: 1) SOAP Web services 2) REST Web services SOAP Web services: SOAP (Simple […]

Why does Dana Spero think that eLuminous is the best PHP development company to work with?

It’s just 5 months before that one of our clients, Dana (a business women) wanted to have an eCommerce website for her business with multiple customized things in each section. But she was unable to get the expected output from around 3 companies that she previously worked with. The outsourcing experience was a blunder for her, however, one of her friend, our client Brent suggested her to get in touch with our team and assured […]

7 reason you should hire dedicated programmers externally and reignite your business strategy.

Over 30% of the worldwide developers have already adopted the work-from-anywhere policy to maximize the productivity and save time. In the midst of the project management stress, most of the companies and start-ups are opting to hire dedicated programmers from various parts of the world. Hiring in-house programmers is not a bad option, however, the benefits that you receive from externally hired programmers is even better than that. This especially applies to companies who doesn’t […]

Pros & Cons of outsourcing to a PHP Development Company.

Have you ever outsourced any of your projects to any PHP Development Company? If you have, you might have already experienced the pros and cons of outsourcing.Of course, the real experiences can be different for everyone in this enormous industry, but most of them face the similar situation and make their decisions based on the possibilities and assumptions. This is very wrong. If you are new to the project’s outsourcing, you should always take help […]

Uplift your productivity by Outsourcing PHP development Services.

Are you one of them who believes that outsourcing the PHP development services to another company is nothing lesser than a business risk? Don’t worry, you are not the only person who has a trust issue with another company who delivers PHP development services on a B2B model, there are thousands of people around the world with you. Nowadays there are hundreds of PHP development companies in every corner, some of them offer genuine services while […]

Success steps for a start-up PHP development company.

This post is going to help all those who have just started their PHP Development Company and looking for ideas to expand their business & convert more projects. When you start-up any development company, one thing that you need to invest consistently is the PHP developer’s salaries and office expenses. It becomes very difficult to manage all that in absence of PHP projects. Therefore it always helps when you Hire PHP programmers from a service […]