Why Drupal Developers are going to love Drupal 8?

Indeed, all drupal developers are already excited about the launch of Drupal 8 but there is much more for you than you had thought. Drupal 8 will come up with an innovative file-based configuration management system along with Symfony2 framework and Restful web services competencies with some of the finest and result-oriented technologies & systems. This is not the limit to what it is going to make available for the Drupal Developers, it will also enable them to track changes, place different configurations under version control and refine the live websites effectively. It allows the developers to use some of the finest libraries like Composer, Zend Feed components, Guzzle, PHP units, Assetic etc.


To be specific, it will include the following features which will make Drupal Developers fall in love with Drupal 8:

  • Added customization options: With this new version, developers can effortlessly edit the front page, categories, listings and much more. It will be a time savior for websites that needs to be edited periodically. The new version also features an option to create tailored admin pages, filters and actions. This will save time & money as the website owner will not have to contact the developers eventually.
  • Enhanced APIs: Drupal 8 applies all modern PHP methodologies and includes some of the imperative modules from the PHP community. Therefore, it brings more functional capacity to the modules & themes involved in it. It is said that over 1900 people have worked on these improvements in Drupal 8 alone.
  • Latest Object Oriented Programming (OOP): The addition of the most updated OOP functions for most parts of Drupal 8. The sole purpose of integrating it was to provide maximum flexibility to the Drupal Developers to swap out pieces and completely transform the way Drupal behaves.
  • Easy migration: The most tedious job for any developer is the migration part. Everything needs to be placed from one file to another very efficiently. But the good part is that drupal 8 will include the content import tools which will enable the drupal developers to import the contents and images from drupal 6/ 7 to drupal 8 very easily.
  • Easy conversion into a multilingual site: Drupal 8 websites will easily translate any language into your preferred language with the help of its built-in user interface. It has a software that helps in identifying the language and translating it. It will also include automatic software updates.
  • Default Responsive designs: This is the most amazing part of Drupal 8. Any website that you built with Drupal 8 will be a responsive website by default. The new version’s capabilities of converting everything into a responsive layout will make sure that any content or media files will look amazing on any screens.

Aren’t these features shining out of the crowd? Well, you may say there is nothing that the developers has missed out in Drupal 8. PHP community is huge, and people who belong to the community have developed an excellent product that is soon going to create a boom in the market.

Synopsis: Eluminous Technologies has a considerable amount of experience in offering the highly experienced Drupal Developers. We are excited about the launch of Drupal 8 and geared up to start our projects with the same. Most of the customers using our drupal development services are completely satisfied and looking forward towards the launch of Drupal 8.

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