How to add Jobs to WordPress using Job Board Plugin

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With the growing demand of websites for in different industry sectors in this digital era, WordPress is a highly powerful and widely popular Content Management System (CMS) used by front end developer for building customised websites. But with CMS, it can also efficiently work as an Application Framework. Let’s take an example of job posting sites.

You can use WordPress Job Board Plugins for such kind of applications which includes posting of job vacancies, receiving job applications from the candidates.

WordPress Job Board Plugins provide an easy way out to integrate a full-fledged job board directly into your WordPress Site. They are easy to use and can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. You can also customize the apply form fields. Classification of the job applications, approve, reject or even delete job applications can become easy for Admin. You are able to set job expiry date as well. They are loaded with features and are exceptionally advanced and powerful.

It can send automatic email notification and distribute jobs to job aggregation sites. It distinctly provides rich editing features. You can add new parameters to job board forms. Rearrangement their order using drag & drop facility is possible with this plugin. Moreover, WPJobBoard provides extensive documentation and support too.

With Indeed we can do two kinds of integration:

  1. Export: It allows you to send the jobs on your website automatically to and have them searchable at
  2. Import: It allows either importing Indeed jobs to your own WPJB plugin database or dynamically has the jobs fetched and displayed based on default and user search parameters.

In this blog, I will be covering the import integration of Indeed Job.


Before you import or backfill jobs from Indeed, you need to sign up on Publisher account for getting Publisher Key (or just log in if you already have a Publisher account. Note: this is not the same as normal Indeed account). In order to do that you just need an email Id and password. The Publisher Account is free to create and use.

Once you signup and login, you will be taken to publisher panel. Copy your Publisher Key & paste it in Publisher API Key field your site in wp-admin panel / Settings (WPJB) / Indeed panel and save the form. From then, you can import jobs into your own database or dynamically backfill jobs list in the frontend.

It will periodically import jobs from Indeed into your own database. All the imported jobs will behave like any other job in WPJobBoard.


Customize Indeed Import.

Customize data that will be used to import job into WPJB plugin database.


add_filter(“wpjb_indeed_item”, “my_wpjb_indeed_item”, 10, 3);

/**  * Prepare $object for import *

* @param stdClass $object Object that will be used for import

* @param stdClass $item Information about job retrieved from Indeed

* @param Wpjb_Model_Import $import Currently run import information


function my_wpjb_indeed_item($object, $item, $import) {

// customize $object here …

// always return object

return $object



We hope this article would help all front end developers to add your jobs as well as indeed jobs to your WordPress site.

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