Why Mobile Apps Development is becoming so popular in the event industry?

The use of Mobile Apps development has increased a lot among various industry sectors since past 2 years. One of the important industry among these is the events and trade show industry. This industry sector is very popular around the world as they connect different individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs to each other. Whether they are small or huge, organizing and managing these events is a herculean task. Indeed, it will be, hundreds and thousands of professionals come together so there is no room for mistakes. There’s no doubt that technology has dramatically changed the attendee’s experience over the past few years, and this is sure since people have realized the importance of Mobile apps development.

Find out what factors helps the companies to improve their attendee’s experience and what makes the mobile apps so popular in the events industry:

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Event’s Calendar:

One can add the complete list of events of the year in the respective app which can make it easier for companies to book their space for the event or for a customer to visit. This calendar will act as a diary for individuals who are related to the overall events.

Maps of venue:

The organizer may choose to add the maps for the venue of events that are scheduled for the entire year. This will make it comfortable for the attendees to locate the venue quickly and avoid confusions. A non-local resident may also easily participate as the map will be clear enough to help them reach the venue. This is one of the important points that one must not forget to ask before finding mobile app developers for hire.

Information about the Speakers:

One can easily find out about the speakers, their topics, background and contact details through this feature. This will help the attendees to do a li’l bit study so that they can be an active part of the presentation.

News and facts:

This feature will basically help the organizers share news about various companies, brands, and sponsors associated with the event. It may keep the user engaged with the latest updates within the domain and improve their interest to meet the other party during the event.

Social Engagement:

The social media integration is more than necessary for today’s user base. If a particular thing is not social, it becomes non-existent for people. Usually, companies who offer mobile app development for hire take care of the facts that every app that is executed should be integrated to social media. It becomes easier to share, bookmark, and check-in on Facebook or other social networking websites through this feature. One can also arrange the contests on social media profiles to make customers engaged to the app.

Contact sharing:

Usually in such trading events, business professionals share their contact details through visiting cards. So with this app, you can let the professional find the company he wants to contact and request them to share their contact details. It’s easy for thousands of professionals to get genuine leads and associates through this feature.

There so many other features that one can add in the app for customer and attendee’s convenience. If you own an event company and want to explore more ideas for events and tradeshow’s apps, eLuminous technologies would be an ideal option. They offer excellent Mobile apps development services and are operating in this industry since more than a decade.

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