Why your competitors in the Server Monitoring Services industry are focusing on Mobile Apps development?

Server Monitoring services are such kind of business services which are used by every SMBs as well as the top players in the industry. The reason I am talking about the Mobile Apps Development is because there has been an evolution with everything in this industry. The size of data is growing day by day and, therefore, the data security has become one of the prime factors that various organizations are focusing on. Previously, people weren’t ready to pay even for the server monitoring services as they were not aware of the consequences that may happen if they don’t secure their important data. Gradually people felt the need of having someone who can monitor their servers round the clock, to prevent it from getting crashed or save it from several malicious activities. Then this service industry came up with an idea of the web-based portal, in which the customer just had to login and they were able to check everything like the server status, speed, traffic, performance, past summary, current summary, comparison between both of them etc. Customers found this very useful as this was an upgraded version to what they were using before to check their server summary. Now, what is next?

mobile apps development

Well, the mobile apps development is already taken very seriously by almost 1/4th of the Server Monitoring Services while the others are still fine with their web-based apps. But these companies should understand that their services are used by their customers, and customers always have a choice to switch to an upgraded facility to any point of time. So if you have to survive, you have to upgrade yourselves. Plus, there are so many benefits that you can offer to your clients to save their time & efforts. Following are some of the major benefits that you might get if you develop a Server monitoring Mobile App:

1) Constant access to uptime & performance trends: As your smartphones are accessible almost round the clock, you can get a constant access to your server’s uptime and other performance trends. You can check the statuses as per your convenient time without getting connected to any bulky device.

2) 24×7 support is just a touch away: Whenever you need any help, you can open the mobile app and contact the support with just one click. Usually, these teams are available on live chats, call, emails etc. So this can be checked and resolved even if you are at any parts of the world.

3) Prompt alerts in case of issues: If you are connected to web apps, you will indeed get the alerts in case your server faces any issues, but for that you will have to be logged to your laptop /desktop round the clock. It is very inconvenient, trust me. If you take mobile apps development seriously, you can alert your customers at any point of time. A smartphone can be accessed at any odd hours, and, therefore, your customers can be alerted instantly.

4) Complete monitoring and controlling solution of your IT-property: It’s like you are holding the security, monitoring and controlling tool of your IT property in your hand. Whenever you need, you can check and take actions wherever required.

5) Detailed server statuses and histories: If you want a detailed report about your server status and its history, the mobile apps also has an option from where you can export this data in just one click. You won’t need to contact any support executive or wait for an uncountable number of hours to get the reports through their team.

6) Get alerts via Push notifications / SMS: With Mobile Apps, you can also set a particular time when you want to receive the notifications about the summary or status of your servers. You may opt in for the push notifications or receive it via SMS. It makes easier to keep a daily track of your servers without any problems.

If you are looking forward to upgrading yourselves and want to offer a convenient service to your customers, Mobile apps development would be an ideal option. It isn’t the future anymore, it has already become the present and if you aren’t aware, your competitors have already deployed it. Want to discuss with someone who would listen to your needs and plus consult you the best options? Connect with eLuminous Technologies who will be your perfect partner to cater all your technical and innovation needs.

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