The ever growing relationship between restaurants and Mobile apps development.

Smartphones have been more necessary than food for the majority of people nowadays. Thanks to the millions of mobile application that keep them busy throughout the day. This trend in the technology has made mobile apps development companies to think of unique ideas for varied industry segments and cover up the market. It indeed proved to be beneficial for both, the mobile apps development company as well as the business owners.

As per my experience, I have seen a significant growth in the business since one of my friends launched a Mobile App for his restaurant. His was not the first restaurant app that was launched in the city, but ever since he launched it, we observed an exponential growth on his income chart. It was at that time that we studied the consumer behavior in the hospitality industry. Both iPhone App development & Android App development are equally important to astound your customers. Here are a few important things we learned out of that study:

  1. Almost 87% of people search for local information using their smartphone browsers/ mobile apps and out of that 75% take the “actions” immediately.
  2. Around 18% users install the local restaurant apps for convenience.
  3. Restaurants with Smartphone apps are 60% more popular than ones who don’t.
  4. 78% of consumers access the restaurant info while driving, so they need something very quick.
  5. Around 12% users like to make the table reservations done, which is easily done through a Mobile App (if available).
  6. About 39% users like to order food online, and a Mobile App makes it absolutely quick and clear.
  7. Coupons distributed by restaurants through mobile apps generate 70% more revenues for them.
  8. Most of the people install and use the app just to receive the coupons, which is an amazing way to keep the customers engaged with you.

Mobile apps development company

These numbers will indeed keep on changing with the time, as the ever growing popularity for apps demands the companies offering mobile apps development to change their strategies frequently. There are so many ways which a restaurant owner can use to keep his customers engaged. Following are some of the exclusive features which are normally used in a Restaurant Mobile App.

List your menus: This is the most basic features that are available in almost every Restaurant App.

Location Maps: Register your restaurant in the Google businesses which will display your location Google Maps. Give this navigation option in the mobile so that customers can reach you easily.

Table reservation: Experienced that time when none of the tables was available in your favorite restaurant? This App feature will solve that problem of your customers. They can book a table in just one click.

Special discount coupons: Keep your loyal customers happy with the special discount coupons for every occasion. Make them visit your restaurant to redeem their coupons.

Push notification: This is one of the best ways to advertise your restaurants upcoming events, parties, and special evenings with your users. The messages get directly visible on their screens.

Food camera: Many people like capturing the delicious food in their smartphone cameras. Add this camera app which will include various filters to make the food look more beautiful. Make them share it on social media websites tagging your restaurants. This will improve your visibility.

Food ordering & delivering: If you allow take away or deliver food at different places, this feature is sure going to rock for you. Your customers can easily place an order for their favorite food and pay the bill online.

Check-In Feature: Most of the customers check-in to their favorite restaurants on various social media apps. So instead of going to different apps, the user can check-in to your restaurant and post it to different sites.

These are just some ways I have observed to keep your customers engaged. You may explore much more features with restaurants around the world. If you are looking forward to getting some ideas on developing an app for your business, consult to eLuminous Technologies who is a well-known Mobile Apps development company since the mobile technology started to take off.

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