Multiple database connections in Yii 2.0

The world is changing with the emerging digital trends right from ordering food online, banking, online shopping to online education, events & much more. All these activities are being possible only due to technology experts who have developed the websites, mobile apps which can carry the load of huge data & functionalities. While creating such kinds of complex web applications, back end developers often need to deal with multiple databases at the same time.Sometimes it becomes […]

Simple way to add widgets in the header section of your WordPress Website

Whenever you want to add a new feature to your WordPress website, you really don’t need to learn how to code. As a backend developer, I find it amazing, as you require very less amount of efforts & time to do changes or modification in the website. After all, visiting your website should be considered as a great experience to remember. A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs specific functions. Widgets were originally […]

A Quick support to compose Web services in PHP Development

Where there is technology, there comes the dynamism. Every day we can see new websites or mobile apps that use Web Services. Web services in PHP Development Services are used to process the request coming from mobile API and send the response in JSON format back to the mobile API. Types of web services: There are commonly two types of web services: 1) SOAP Web services 2) REST Web services SOAP Web services: SOAP (Simple […]