7 reason you should hire dedicated programmers externally and reignite your business strategy.

Over 30% of the worldwide developers have already adopted the work-from-anywhere policy to maximize the productivity and save time. In the midst of the project management stress, most of the companies and start-ups are opting to hire dedicated programmers from various parts of the world. Hiring in-house programmers is not a bad option, however, the benefits that you receive from externally hired programmers is even better than that. This especially applies to companies who doesn’t deliver programming as their primary business service.

There are various aspects that companies consider while starting a project. For some, hiring an in-house programmer can be an ideal option while for most of them outsourcing the projects or hiring dedicated programmers from an external firm can prove to be profitable. Here’s the list of reasons why I think it is highly beneficial to hire dedicated programmers externally:

1. Flexibility in working as per your requests: Various companies offer dedicated programmers for hire as per the customized requirements from the clients. Such companies make sure their employees are flexible with their working hours and can be available in your time zones. The working hours are not restricted and the developers will complete his committed working hours anytime.

2. You don’t need to be attentive round the clock: Unlike an in-house team, you don’t need to sit with your programmers for long hours to explain him the project details and make sure he is moving on a right track. Mostly, companies offer experienced programmers for hire so that they are able to understand the projects quickly and you can be stress-free about the quality of the project that is being executed. The project manager is usually assigned for such actions.

3. Works like an in-house resource: She/ He may not actually be a part of your team, but being a dedicated resource makes him no less of your own team member who works entirely for your project. You always have the option to give your feedbacks, approve/ disapprove on the tasks that are done and most importantly, count on them whenever needed.

4. No long-term commitments: The best part of hiring a programmer externally is that you don’t need to stick to any long term contracts or commitments, unlike the employees that you hire in your office. These project-based services are very flexible with its approach. You may also consider hiring the programmer on a monthly basis or for as long as you are in need of them.

7 reasons

5. No geographical restrictions to choose the programmers from: When you decide to go externally, there is no limitation on the region that you can select the programmers from. They can be from any part of the world and work in any time zones. It’s an added benefit as you don’t restrict the expertise to be from your region exclusively.

6. No charges for non-working hours: This is a great benefit from this business model as you have to pay only for the actual working hours that the programmers work for. This doesn’t apply in the case of an in-house employee as you need to pay for the leaves, no-task hours, health issues etc.

7. Multiple technology experts to choose from: We can’t expect a single person to be an expert in multiple technologies, however when it comes to hiring a resource from a company, the possibilities are vast. If you need multiple expertise, you can pay for the working hours of a single resource but use those hours for tasks related to different technologies.

These reasons are enough for you to decide whether to hire dedicated programmers or employ them. This decision will indeed help you reignite your business strategy and earn a greater level of productivity than before.

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