All you need to know about routing in AngularJS Development!

AngularJS, a hugely popular framework having a variety of websites built with it, including Gmail, Youtube, Upwork & a pool of Google sites. Let us know more about the routing in angularjs, how to set up the routes and more, as front-end developers are hardly working on it to make the application more effective & result-driven. Routing is all about changing the state of your application, loading different components depending on the URL that the […]

How to add Jobs to WordPress using Job Board Plugin

With the growing demand of websites for in different industry sectors in this digital era, WordPress is a highly powerful and widely popular Content Management System (CMS) used by front end developer for building customised websites. But with CMS, it can also efficiently work as an Application Framework. Let’s take an example of job posting sites. You can use WordPress Job Board Plugins for such kind of applications which includes posting of job vacancies, receiving […]